Fly The Widget - The Collection, is a 37 year personal collection of Delta Air Lines memorabilia ~ designed to be shared  with other collectors, enthusiasts and those with a passion for the commercial airline industry.


At a very young age I started collecting nick-nacks from relatives that worked for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.  There was this fascination with airline memorabilia that I couldn't explain as a youngster, but knew I had to have more of it.  I started sending letters to sales offices of airlines around the world requesting promotional materials and items.  The collection of airline tokens started to take off.  


I knew at an early age that I too, wanted to work in the airline industry.   As soon as I turned 18, I was already filling out and sending in job applications.   When I was hired by Delta in 1984, the collection shifted to company branded memorabilia and has grown to what you see today.  Preserving and sharing  memorabilia of one of America's oldest airlines has become a passion of mine which continues today. There is so much history and nostalgia that I'm always on the lookout.


Think you might have something Delta related from the past and don't know what to do with it?  Drop me a line and let's see what you have.


What is the 'Widget' you might ask?  It's the common name for the company's corporate logo.  Take a look at the link below for the complete history.


"Widget" - From the Delta Flight Museum

Media spots:

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*Select photos courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune-Thank you.


*This collection is not sponsored nor endorsed by the actual airline.


Circa 1983- 18 years old